Sophie Simone Cortina was born in Caracas , Venezuela and raised in Mexico City, fully immersed in a multicultural environment since birth. She learned to speak English, French and Spanish simultaneously and flows from one language to another effortlessly. Sophie inherited her distinctive sense of style and European flair from her French mother, Michele. From her Mexican father, Alfonso, Sophie inherited her vibrant Latin intensity and passion. She attended the Lycee Franco Mexicain in Mexico City in which the entire curriculum is taught in French.

Sophie has an older sister, Cybele, and a younger brother, Alfonso. She reveres family and friends above all and believes that strong family bonds and alliance with true friends is the foundation for a happy life. Additionally, she has great passion for and commitment to helping animals, children, the underprivileged, and our environment.

When interviewed by Sophie, Vince Vaughn declared “Mexican French! And they let you out in public? That’s too much passion!” Sophie’s vigor, creativity, magnetism, playful spirit, idealism and unquenchable thirst for knowledge are reflected in her adventurous lifestyle and in the playful and somewhat mischievous sparkle in her eyes. Sophie is often described as inspirational and a force of good in this world. She strives to be a voice of truth and a bridge for peace in the world.

Sophie’s determination, focus and sense of discipline have been evident since childhood, and led her to embark on a successful career as a professional tennis player after having excelled as a nationally ranked Olympic gymnast. Sophie was competing in International tennis tournaments by the age of 13 and represented her native country as a top ranked international player. She has competed in major tournaments including Wimbledon , The French Open and The US Open . She was ranked in the top 20 World Junior Rankings. She went on to attend the University of Miami under a full athletic scholarship and graduating with honors with degrees in International Business & Marketing, Photo Journalism and Theatre.

Although Sophie’s tennis career was cut short due to a shoulder injury that forced her to undergo a career ending surgery during her college years, her unfaltering optimism and determination allowed her redirect her talents effortlessly into a career as an actor, reporter and television host.

Sophie’s effervescence, confidence and natural grace have made her a natural in front of the camera, quickly turning her into a success in the entertainment world. Since reporting for “Control”, a nationally broadcasted entertainment news show on Univision, the opportunities to work have been steady, increasingly meaningful and significant. As Sophie's career was taking off in Miami she moved to the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles where she currently resides. In recent years she has worked for Univision, Telemundo, MTV, MuchMusic Television, Cosmopolitan International Television, Fox Sports, Fox International, AXN and ESPN . Her career continues to evolve and grow as she reaches new horizons as a reporter, host, spokesperson, actor and voice-over talent in the Hispanic, English and international markets. Her talents and potential are limitless. Sophie is destined to be an increasingly recognized name, as she continues to touch the lives of her viewers with her genuine care and interest for the stories she covers. Her warmth and charismatic disposition transcends borders, cultures, ethnicities and socio-economic boundaries making her appealing to an infinite audience and virtually all who come in contact with her.

Sophie Simone Cortina has a lifelong dedication to explore new ideas, seek the truth, look for answers while always staying mindful, respectful and open to others' differences and opinions.

Sophie’s insatiable thirst for knowledge combined with her desire to grow both personally and professionally compel her to constantly seek out new challenges and pleasures. Sophie is also a talented and accomplished photographer, writer, jewelry designer ( and tennis coach Her gratitude and appreciation for life guarantees that Sophie Simone Cortina will continue to evolve into an increasingly consequential and fully actualized participant in life.

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